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O Scale Figures

S Scale figures available here.

1101Man sitting in suit reading paper5.75
1102Man in suit leaning5.75
1103Man (fat) standing5.75
1104Man standing A6.00
1105Woman (old) standing5.75
1106Woman (young) standing A5.75
1107Man (old) with cane5.75
1108Woman sweeping6.00
1110Engineer A5.75
1112Hobo with bottle5.75
1113Hobo with guitar5.75
1114Hobo lying on log5.75
1115Couple kissing11.00
1116Couple walking11.00
1117Woman (young) sitting5.75
1118Woman (old) sitting5.75
1119Man sitting A5.75
1120Man sitting B5.75
1121Man sitting C5.75
1122Man Standing B5.75
1123Man (old) with apron5.75
1125Woman holding baby5.75
1126Man in suit with foot up5.75
1128Nun (fat)5.75
1130Cats (2)4.50
1131Dogs (2)5.50
1132Dogs sitting (2)5.25
1133Dogs standing (2)7.25
1134Bicycle (brass)8.25
1135Tricycle (brass)8.25
1136Postman with dog7.00
1137Hobo walking5.75
1138Man with shovel5.75
1139Shoe shine boy with box6.00
1140Baby stroller (brass)8.25
1141Woman pushing baby stroller5.75
1142Dog with hydrant5.75
1144Brakeman riding5.75
1145Motorcycle (police)8.25
1146Cop on motorcycle5.75
1147Telephone lineman climbing5.75
1149Man standing with clipboard5.75
1150Man (fat) eating6.00
1151Man (young) sitting5.75
1152Man (to ride bicycle)5.75
1153Girl (little) to ride tricycle5.75
1154Man (old) for rocking chair5.75
1155Woman for rocking chair5.75
1156Man fishing5.75
1157Boy in inner tube5.75
1158Rocking chairs (2)6.75
1159Chairs (2)6.50
1160Park bench6.00
1161Barrels (2)7.75
1162Pallets (2)5.75
1163Newspaper vending machine6.00
1164Cop – traffic5.75
1165Policeman standing5.75
1166Woman (young) standing B5.75
1167Man standing with cigarette5.75
1168Man standing with bottle5.75
1169Woman with laundry5.75
1170Man pushing broom6.25
1171Motorcycle (civilian)8.25
1172Motorcycle rider5.75
1173Bicycle (girls)8.25
1174Girl to ride bicycle5.75
1175Engineer B5.75
1176Man sitting with bottle5.75
1177Man standing with suspenders5.75
1178Woman hitchhiking5.75
1179Man hitchhiking5.75
1180Industrial platform truck6.00
1181Man to push truck5.75
1182Dog house7.25
1183Dogs (3)7.25
1184Man standing looking at watch5.75
1185Boy in bathing suit jumping5.00
1186Blacksmith with anvil6.50
1187Parking meters (5)5.75
1188Bum to sleep on park bench5.75
1190Rowboat with oars13.50
1191Man for rowboat5.75
1192Man fishing – sitting5.75
1193Man with saw5.75
1194Man running with briefcase6.00
1195Station attendant checking oil5.75
1196Man swinging sledge hammer6.00
1197Man with shovel6.00
1198Man with pry bar6.00
1199Man lifting5.75
1200Man bending5.75
1201Man painting5.75
1202Hobo climbing5.75
1204Boy swimming4.75
1206Bricklayer with trowel5.75
1207Soldier kissing girlfriend11.25
1208Senior couple11.25
1210Cigarette vending machine8.25
1211Hobo sitting5.75
1212Pigeons (3)6.00
1213Man pushing lawn mower8.25
1214Man working with long brush6.00
1215Farmer with hoe wiping brow6.00
1216Farmer’s daughter5.75
1217Man working w/acetylene torch5.75
1218Man welding5.75
1219Man driving5.00
1220Woman driving5.00
1221Boy diving entering water4.25
1222Santa with kettle8.25
1223Boy on rubber raft6.75
1224Sailor standing with bag5.75
1225Woman with spilling suitcase5.75
1226Engineer – modern5.75
1227Fireman – modern5.75
1228Man on knee with wrench5.75
1229Carpenter on knees6.00
1230Man with hose6.00
1231Man carrying box6.00
1232Bicycle B (brass)8.25
1233Boy w/newspaper for bike5.75
1234Road worker with sign6.75
1235Businessman walking5.75
1236Couple sitting11.25
1237Man sitting E?5.75
1238Boy in pedal car8.50
1239Crows (3)5.75
1240Candy machine8.25
1241Squirrels (3)5.75
1242Engineer with oil can5.75
1243Girl for swing5.75
1244Boy for swing5.75
1245Boy (tall) for glide slide5.75
1246Boy (short) for glide slide5.75
1247Boy (heavy) for seesaw5.75
1248Boy (light) for seesaw5.75
1249Boy pushing Merry Go Round5.75
1250Girl for Merry Go Round5.75
1251Boy (small) sliding5.50
1252Mom waiting5.75
1253Boy climbing slide5.75
1254Dad with boy on shoulders11.25
1255Boy on skateboard5.75
1256Boy – mischievous5.75
1257Merry Go Round14.00
1258Sliding Board11.75
1260Swing Set19.00
1261Woman (young) waiting5.75
1262Lady – painted5.75
1263Man – big/sloppy5.75
1264Man sleeping leaning on chair8.25
1265Man sitting backwards on chair8.25
1267Dairy Cow8.75
1268Woman to milk cow7.75
1269Mama pig with young6.75
1270Crates – wooden (3)12.25
1271Drums – 55 gal (2)8.25
1272Drums – 30 gal (2)6.25
1273Ice machine7.25
1274Worker to move drum5.75
1275Porter (struggling)6.00
1276Store keeper5.75
1277Press photographer5.75
1279Dogs – hunting (2)5.00
1280Boy on homemade scooter8.25
1281Woman sitting reading5.75
1282Future train collector (girl)5.75
1283Future train collector (boy)5.75
1284Man leaning6.00
1285Air compressor14.00
1286Man with jackhammer6.50
1287Man with pick6.00
1288Man digging6.00
1289Worker bending5.75
1290Meter maid5.75
1291Driving couple10.00
1292Young lovers11.75
1294Bathing beauty6.00
1295Muscle guy5.75
1296Heavy lady5.75
1297Dumpy man5.75
1298Man to sit in car5.75
1299Waitress with skates6.25
1301Male outhouse occupant5.75
1302Female outhouse occupant5.75
1303Engineer walking6.00
1304Engineer with wrench5.75
1305Brakeman stooping with lantern6.00
1306Brakeman holding on5.75
1307Engineer climbing5.75
1308Bride & Groom11.75
1309Best Man5.75
1312Soda machine6.75
1313Nude – modest6.00
1314Firechief giving directions5.75
1315Firefighter with hose5.75
1316Firefighter with ax – running6.00
1317Firefighter with ax5.75
1318Firefighter to carry woman5.75
1319Woman carried by firefighter5.75
1320Firefighter climbing5.75
1321Dalmations (2)4.50
1322Surfer girl w/board6.50
1323Worker with hand truck9.00
1324Worker carrying box6.00
1325Worker picking up box6.00
1326Rats (4)6.00
1327Pond creatures-snake,fish,turtle,frog7.25
1328Hobo eating soup from can6.00
1329Hobo cooking wiener6.00
1330Hobo with harmonica6.00
1331Policeman driving5.00
1332State trooper driving5.25
1333Truck driver5.25
1334Truck driver #25.25
1335Man driving5.25
1336Woman driver5.25
1337Ice cream truck driver5.25
1338Lovers driving10.50
1339Man as passenger5.25
1340Woman as passenger5.25
1341Boy as passenger5.25
1342Girl as passenger5.25
1343Dogs (2) as passengers4.50
1344Ducks (3)6.25
1345Rabbits (2)5.25
1346Raccoons (2)5.50
1347Groundhogs (2)4.50
1348Beavers (2)4.75
1349Skunk & opossum5.25
1350Fox & wolf6.25
1353Black bear7.75
1357Chauffer with bags7.25
1358Couple (senior) – wealthy11.75
1360Roofers details21.75
1361Roofers kettle20.75
1362Driver – pickup truck5.50
1363Man to ride in bed of truck5.75
1364Man stooping with hammer6.00
1365Man rolling out paper6.00
1366Man mopping6.00
1367Man carrying can6.00
1368Man carrying shingles6.00
1369Man climbing6.00
1370Man pulling rope6.00
1371Man looking down6.00
1372Ladder (extension) – 2 pcs6.75
1373Ladders (2)6.00
1374Subway driver5.50
1376Construction worker #15.75
1377Construction worker #25.75
1378Worker holding blueprints6.00
1379Worker near blueprints5.75
1380Worker carrying pipe5.75
1381Worker with hands up5.75
1382Sled (brass)7.25
1383Boy on stomach for sled5.75
1384Boy to sit on sled5.75
1385Girl to sit on sled5.75
1386Boy to push sled5.75
1387Boy to pull sled5.75
1389Little Girl to build snowman5.50
1390Little boy to build snowman5.50
1391Woman (fallen) with groceries6.75
1392Woman ice skating6.00
1393Man ice skating6.00
1394Couple ice skating11.75
1395Couple skating – fallen man11.75
1396Woman skiing8.75
1397Man skiing8.75
1398Man ice fishing6.00
1399Conductor looking at watch5.75
1400Conductor waving5.75
1401Engineer standing #16.00
1402Engineer standing #26.00
1403Engineer looking forward5.75
1404Engineer leaning looking back5.75
1405Engineer waving6.00
1406Fireman waving6.00
1407Fireman standing with shovel6.00
1408Brakeman hanging on5.75
1409Man holding up orders6.00
1410Station janitor5.75
1411Tower worker throwing switch5.75
1412Tower boss5.75
1413Equipment driver5.75
1414Farmer driving5.75
1415Engineer & fireman seats6.75
1417Acetylene torch set26.25
1418Hobo hiding (standing)5.75
1419Hobo hiding (stooping)5.75
1420Hobo running6.00
1421Railroad “bull” running6.00
1422Man – drunken6.00
1423Suspicious character5.75
1424Hobo walking with guitar6.00
1425Hobo taking a dip5.75
1426Ice cream cart22.50
1427Ice cream cart – vendor riding5.75
1428Ice cream vendor – standing5.75
1429Girl buying ice cream5.75
1430Boy buying ice cream5.75
1431Golf caddy11.00
1432Golfer standing11.00
1433Golfer putting6.00
1434Produce Cart Vendor5.75
1435Produce Cart Vendor Pointing5.75
1436Produce Cart Customer5.75
1437Child, annoying & crying5.75
1438Man leaving manhole12.75
1439Step ladder8.75
1440Painter, fallen6.00
1441Mechanic on dolly8.25
1442Hobo sleeping w/newspaper5.75
1443Grafitti artist5.75
1444Girl w/bucket to wash car6.00
1445Organ grinder w/monkey11.00
1446Dogs, junkyard (3)9.50
1447Hobo helping hobo into boxcar12.50
1448Policeman writing ticket5.75
1449State Trooper writing ticket5.75
1450Man – sloppy eating w/bottle6.00
1451Woman carrying groceries6.50
1452Boy – diving entering water5.25
1453Boy – lying with dog (fishing)6.50
1454Lady – painted #26.00
1455Woman undressing6.00
1456Woman in bikini walking6.00
1457Woman in bikini lying down6.00
1459Pretzel vendor5.75
1460Kid eating pretzels5.75
1461Checker players w/bench19.75
1462Man & dog spectators (checkers)10.50
1463Picnic Table12.25
1464Woman to sit at Picnic Table5.75
1465Man to sit at Picnic Table5.75
1466Girl to sit at Picnic Table5.75
1467Boy to sit at Picnic Table5.75
1468Food for Picnic Table16.50
1469Redwood Lawn Chair10.50
1470Man to sit in chair5.75
1471Redwood Lounge Chair12.25
1472Woman to lie on Chair6.00
1473Gas Grill10.00
1474Man Cooking / Diner Cook6.00
1475Basketball Backboard11.75
1476Two boys playing one-on-one12.25
1477Woman with Laundry Basket6.75
1478Clothesline w/Clothes37.00
1479Drunken Men – 319.75
1480Railroad Freight Agent6.00
1481Brakeman w/flag6.00
1482Woman – Young / Jogging5.75
1483Woman Fixing Shoe5.75
1484Soap Box Racer9.00
1485Soap Box Racer #29.00
1487Young Man to ride Scooter5.75
1488Woman as Passenger – Scooter5.75
1489Dirt Bike9.00
1490Man to ride Dirt Bike5.75
1491ATV (muddy)23.50
1492Man to ride ATV5.75
1493Pedal Boat12.75
1494Pedal Boat – Young Lovers for11.75
1495Pedal Boat – 2 Kids for11.25
1496Kayak with Man13.25
1497Businessman walking up/dn5.75
1498Man in Suit walking dn5.75
1499Worker walking up5.75
1500Worker walking dn5.75
1501Man w/hard hat walking dn5.75
1502Worker w/hard hat walking dn5.75
1503Businesswoman walking dn5.75
1504Young Girl walking up/dn5.75
1505Woman w/bags walking up7.00
1506Old Woman w/cane walking up6.00
1507Woman w/blowing dress up/dn6.00
1508Couple walking11.50
1509RR worker holding on5.75
1510Welder looking at job6.00
1511Lemonade Stand11.75
1512Lemonade Stand Details14.75
1513Girl w/dog minding Lemo. Stand8.00
1514Girl with Glass5.75
1515Boy with Glass5.75
1516Policeman with Glass6.00
1517Girl, Young with Glass5.50
1518Railfan w/camera (standing)6.00
1519Railfan w/camera (stooping)6.00
1520Railfan, Boy Waving5.75
1521Engineer leaning out window5.75
1522Fireman leaning out window5.75
1523Woman with hand in hair6.00
1524Woman w/hand on forehead6.00
1525Woman taking off top6.00
1526Woman with feet in air6.00
1527Woman lying flat on stomach6.00
1528Muscle man reclining6.00
1529Woman with foot up6.00
1530Woman, heavy standing6.00
1531Engineer, early6.00
1532Fireman holding wood6.00
1533Engineer, Period Type On 1 Knee6.00
1534Fireman, Period Type w/Shovel6.00
1535Man In Wheelchair18.00
1536Nurse To Push Wheelchair6.00
1537Nurse Attending Man6.00
1538Man On Crutches7.75
1539Workers (2) Carrying Glass18.00
1540Construction Worker Drinking6.25
1541Worker with Cup6.00
1542Worker with Sandwich6.00
1543Worker with Hard Hat on Leg6.00
1544Worker Looking Left6.00
1545Worker Shouting6.00
1546Attractive Passerby6.00
1547Man, Injured w/ 2 Paramedics19.75
1548Policeman Stooping6.25
1549Woman, Hurt6.25
1550Man, Hurt6.25
1551Engineer w/ Remote Control6.25
1552Brakeman w/ Radio6.25
1553Brakeman Riding6.25
1554Engineer, Early Standing6.25
1555Waitress Taking Order6.25
1556Waitress, Heavy w/ Tray8.00
1557Boy Playing Firsbee w/ Dog8.00
1558Boy w/Remote Control Car&Boat8.25
1559Man w/Sandwich Board6.50
1562Women (2) w/Beach Ball12.25
1563Boy Batting / Boy Pitching12.25
1564Boys (2) Catcher & Fiedler12.25
1566Seagulls (3)6.00
1567Man, Package Delivery6.00
1568Man, Pizza Delivery6.00
1569Girls (3) Jumping Rope18.50
1570Engine Crew, Fantasy12.25
1571Engine Crew, Fantasy #212.25
1572Conductor w/Step Stool6.25
1573Groom Carrying Bride12.25
1574Hobo, Standing w/Guitar Case6.25
1575Man, Leaning #26.00
1576Man, Young Combing Hair6.25
1577Motorcycle Rider At Rest6.25
1578Couple On A Picnic19.75
1579Picnic Details8.75
1580Girl drinking from fountain9.00
1581Boy playing with airplane8.00
1582Young Lovers, another version12.75
1583Man with binoculars6.25
1584Woman chasing man12.75
13211Firefighter driving w/coat5.25
13212Firefighter driving w/o coat5.25
9001Fork Lift w/driver33.50
9002Hot Dog Stand40.50
9003Produce Cart36.00
9004Pretzel Cart36.00

New Figures – December 2016

1585Engineer w/Wrench #16.25
1586Engineer w/Wrench #26.25
1587Engineer w/Wrench #36.25
1588Girls (2) Playing Hopscotch20.25
1589Girl Jumping Rope6.75
1590Boy on Firetruck10.00
1591Boy on 3 Wheeler10.00
1592Boy & Girl on Roller Skates13.00
1593Man on Beach6.25
1594Girl on Beach6.25
1595Boy Pulling Little Sister in Wagon20.25
1596Hobos (3) Playing Cards20.75

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