Arttista Accessories

S Scale Figures

O Scale figures available here.

Arttista increased the prices of many of their figures in December 2016. For six months, Crusader Rail Services has been offering those figures at their original price. We will continue to do that with existing stock but prices will be those shown below after that stock is depleted.

This is our remaining Arttista S scale stock as of the end of July 2023.

704Man standing B5.50
706Man fishing5.50
707Man with long brush5.50
709Woman hitchhiking5.50
710Engineer – modern5.50
714Hobo lying on log5.50
715Man with wrench5.50
716Man with sledgehammer5.50
717Man with shovel5.50
718Man with pry bar5.50
721Policeman standing5.50
723Telephone lineman5.50
724Woman with laundry5.50
725Woman sweeping5.50
726Businessman walking5.50
727Drums – 55 gal (2)6.25
728Engineer walking5.50
729Engineer climbing5.50
730Brakeman stooping5.50
732Man with clipboard5.50
733Sailor standing5.50
734Kissing couple11.00
735Woman standing5.50
736Painted lady5.50
737Man pushing lawnmower7.25
738Woman sitting5.50
741Traffic cop5.50
743Man leaning5.50
744Man running with case5.50
746Postman with dog7.00
747Woman holding baby5.50
748Woman standing (young)5.50
749Woman standing (old)5.50
750Couple walking11.00
753Conductor looking at watch5.50
754Conductor waving5.50
757Engineer waving5.50
758Fireman waving5.50
759Fireman standing with shovel5.50
760Brakeman hanging on5.50
762Man holding up orders5.50
763Hobo running5.50
764Railroad “bull” running5.50
765Drunken man5.50
766Dogs (3)5.50
768Man Leaving Manhole11.25
769Attendant Checking Oil5.50
770Man Picking Up Box5.50
771Man Carrying Box5.50
772Hobo w/Guitar5.50
773Woman Undressing5.50
774Woman in Bikini Walking5.50
776Two Hunting Dogs3.75
777Man Welding5.50
780Woman Driving5.00
781Newspaper Vending Machine5.25
782Waitress on Skates5.50
783Worker with Hands Up5.50
784Man with Pick5.50
785Man with Jackhammer5.75
786Air Compressor12.75
787Forklift with Driver28.75
788Engineer Leaning5.50
789Fireman Leaning5.50
790Brakeman w/Flag5.50
793Couple, Sitting11.00
794Railfan w/Camera Stooping5.75
795Railfan w/Camera Standing5.75
796Dog House6.75
797Dogs, more (3)6.25
798Firechief Giving Directions5.50
799Firefighter w/Nozzle5.50
800Firefighter Climbing5.50
801Firefighter Driving5.00
802Man Stooping w/Hammer5.50
803Man On Knees w/Hammer5.50
804Man Rolling Out Paper5.50
805Man Carrying Can5.50
806Man Mopping5.75
807Man Climbing5.50
808Man Looking Down5.75
809Man Pulling On Rope5.50

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