Colorado Railroad Museum, Denver, Colorado, August 31, 2017
Ray Kaminski

Somewhat sleep deprived, we’re back from a fantastic Narrow Gauge Convention. Our hats off to the entire Convention Committee for a wonderful time. We stopped by the Georgetown Loop and Colorado Railroad Museum and will get some images up as we go along. A further note of thanks to all our friends who attended — both old and new — great conversations, comments and friendly discussions.

Remember the 2018 Convention in Bloomington, MN ( ) from September 5 thru 8. That website is now fully operational, as is our link to same. The SoundTraxx Tsunami 2 - 4400’s are here for purchase — the updated (livestock sounds) SoundCar systems are being restocked.

Blackstone Models has announced another run of the Reefers (6 new numbers) that will be due approximately March 2018. More info (and an updated webpage) as we get it.

Discussions were held with the Con-Cor folks — the result being that we’re able to take pre-orders for the D&RGW Rotary “OY” Snow Plow. It will be available in Both HO and HOn3 Versions — dual mode (DC/DCC) or DCC Sound mode — painted Gray or Gray w/o lettering.

In response to an increasing number of requests, we’re now carrying HO detail parts from Cal-Scale. For the moment, we’ll have about 40% of the entire line in stock. The new webpage will be posted shortly.

A revised listing for Berkshire Valley Models details will be up shortly. Since the new ownership has yet to decide on having a dealer network our list will reflect what of the old stock (and acquired stock) we have.

The Micro Engineering Ladder Track System should be restocked by 9/22.

Next up is Berea, OH October 7/8 with some special show sales on SoundTraxx and NCE products. Note that we will be unable to attend the October Timonium Great Scale Train Show the same weekend (but will be there in February ’18). The Mid Hudson On30 meet in Gardiner, NY is next (10/20-21) followed by Syracuse, NY (11/4-5 — unable to attend the Altoona Fine Scale Expo), Allentown, PA (11/11-12) and Marlborough, MA (12/2-3).

Stay safe.

— Ray

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October 20/21 — Gardiner, NY

Mid Hudson On30 Meet
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