Sound Decoders and Accessories

  • Complete instruction manuals can be downloaded at no charge from the SoundTraxx™ website.
  • Sound samples are also available from the website
  • Autodetection of analog or DCC power source
  • Hyperlight™ lighting effects on all Tsunami® Sound Decoders
  • New Hyperdrive2™ – Smooth and precise locomotive operation
  • Multiple Whistles / Airhorns / Bells
  • Pure 32-bit (Tsunami2) or 16-bit (Tsunami and Econami) digital sound with built in equalizer and sound mixer

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Tsunami2™ Premium Digital Sound Decoders

A new level of realism that combines the best in digital sound with trailblazing and innovative operating features.

All Tsunami2™ models include a selection of the following:

  • 32-bit processor and a more powerful amp
  • Full 28 function support
  • Four special effects processors: Equalizer, Sound Mixer, Dynamic Digital Exhaust, and Reverb
  • 1 amp, 4 function outputs along with 20+ Hyperlighting effects and new Hyperdrive2™ motor control
  • Functioning locomotive and train brakes with adjustable braking rates
  • Standard, 3-point and user-loadable speed curves
  • Flex-Map function mapping easily maps any function to any key
  • Dynamic Digital Exhaust features for Steam, Diesel and Electric
  • Switching Mode – reduces throttle by 50% and inactivates all momentum CV setting – allows the decoder to instantly respond to throttle changes.

Steam Features

  • 10 new or remastered exhaust chuffs featuring 2-cylinder, 3 cylinder and articulated settings on all exhaust chuffs
  • dynamic digital exhaust with drifting feature changes under load
  • Adjustable exhaust cutoff
  • Over 90 whistles, selectable compressors, bells, dynamos, couplers, and more
  • Blower, blowdown, water stop, rod clank and valve packing sounds
  • Function-activated cylinder cocks sound effect at any speed step
  • Drifting Mode: the exhaust volume will be reduced and side rod clank will play at an elevated level

Diesel Features

  • Diesel versions have up to 12 manufacturer specific prime movers
  • First ever Diesel Dynamic Digital Exhaust for a more authentic operating experience
  • Over 40 air horns, selectable compressors, bells, and couplers
  • Auto-manual RPM-notching mode
  • Engine Startup, Shutdown and Exhaust (through 8 notches)
  • Functioning dynamic brake with variable load sound and adjustable braking rate
  • Prototypically correct HEP modes and steam heat for authentic passenger train operations

Electric features

  • First ever Electric Dynamic Digital Exhaust with traction motor whine
  • Pantograph operation sounds plus catenary arcing sound and lighting effect
  • Over 40 airhorns/air whistle selections, selectable compressors, bells, and couplers
  • Pantograph extension/retraction – enable the interlock feature for more realistic operation
  • Trolley bell, stop requests, and door sounds for trolleys and traction models
  • Steam heat for authentic passenger train operation


1 amp / 4 function – 27mm x 10.5mm x 5mm – All models $103.96 (MAP price).

Part #Description
884001Steam – (discontinued 8/18)
885001EMD Diesel – 567 No Transition, 567 Non-Turbo, 567 Turbo, Dual 567, 645 Non-Turbo, Dual 645 Turbo, 710 Turbo, 710 G3C-T2
885021EMD-2 Diesel – 567 12 Cylinder No Transition, 567C 16 Cylinder Non-Turbo, 645E 12 Cylinder Non-Turbo, 645 12 Cylinder Turbo, 645F 16 Cylinder Turbo, 645E 20 Cylinder Turbo, 710G 12 Cylinder, 710G 15 Cylinder
885002GE Diesels – FDL-12, FDL-16, 7FDL-16, Dual FDL-16, GEVO G12, 44-Ton Center Cab, GE Cummins
885003ALCO Diesels – 539 Turbo, 539 Non-Turbo, 244 Turbo, 251A i6, 251C V12, 251C V12 Super Charged, 251C V12, 251C V16, 251F V16 Super Charged
885004Baldwin & Other Diesels – Baldwin VO, 608NA, 608A, 606NA, RGS Galloping Goose, Dual Witcomb, Fairbanks-Morse
886001Electrics – AC Traction Motor


2 amp / 6 function – 35mm x 18mm x 6mm – All models $99.96 (MAP price).

  • Equipped with a 2-pin connector for the Current Keeper and the standard 9-pin flat JST connector (or many quick plug harnesses in popular models)
  • Customers who wish to replace their TSU-1000 decoders can simply unplug the decoder from the power harness and plug in the new TSU-2200 (talk about easy!)
Part #Description
884002Steam – (discontinued 8/18)
885005EMD Diesel
885022EMD-2 Diesel
885006GE Diesel
885007ALCO Diesel
885008Baldwin & Other Diesel


4 amp / 6 function – 73.7mm x 16.8mm x 4.8mm – All models $143.96 (MAP price).

  • For O and Larger Scales
  • Universal type decoder with easy-to-use screw terminal blocks
Part #Description
884005Steam – (discontinued 8/18)
885017EMD Diesel
885025EMD-2 Diesel
885018GE Diesel
885019ALCO Diesel
885020Baldwin & Other Diesel


2 amp / 6 function – 73.7mm x 16.8mm x 4.8mm – All models $87.96 (MAP price).

  • Mounting provisions for many of the major diesel model manufacturers, such as Atlas, InterMountain and Bowser, into one board
  • Consolidates most of the original Tsunami Plug and Play-style boards (TSU-AT, BW, GN and IM) into a single design (these 4 part numbers consolidate over 30 old part numbers)

The TSU-PNP incorporates mounting provisions for many of the major diesel model manufacturers, such as Atlas, InterMountain and Bowser, into one board. This 6-function decoder measures 73.7mm x 16.8mm x 4.8mm and is expected to be a top-seller! This board is equipped with a 2-pin connector for the Current Keeper (P.N. 810140) and consolidates most of the original Tsunami Plug and Play-style boards (TSU-AT1000, TSU-BW1000, TSU-GN1000 and TSU-IM1000) into a single design! The following four part numbers consolidate over 30 part numbers!

Part #Description
885013EMD Diesel
885024EMD-2 Diesel
885014GE Diesel
885015ALCO Diesel
885016Baldwin & Other Diesel


1 amp / 6 function – 35mm x 18mm x 6mm – All models $87.96 (MAP price).

  • Mates easily with motherboards in many of the DCC-ready models using this connector including Atlas, Bowser, Fox Valley and InterMountain
Part #Description
884003Steam (discontinued 8/18)
885009EMD Diesel
885023EMD-2 Diesel
885010GE Diesel
885011ALCO Diesel
885012Baldwin & Other Diesel

Tsunami™ Digital Sound Decoders

SoundTraxx has superseded its original Tsunami™ Digital Decoder line with its new Tsunami2™ Digital Decoder. Original Discontinued Styles - Remaining Stock as of 4/1/2020 - Some numbers may only be a quantity of one (1) piece.

Tsunami™ TSU-1000 Digital Sound Decoders

1 amp/4 light outputs /multiple whistles / horns — no speaker included —
all units were $95.25, but now SALE-PRICED at $50.00!


827113Baldwin 608A (Turbo)
827115EMD 710 G3C-T2 (SD70ACe)
827124GE Dual FDL-16 (U Boats)

Tsunami™ TSU-750 Digital Sound Decoders

.75 amp / 2 light outputs / multiple whistles / horns — no speaker included —
all units were $111.98, but now SALE-PRICED at $63.00!


826005SP Cab Forward


827003EMD 710 (3rd Generation)

Tsunami™ TSU-AT1000 — for Atlas Style HO Diesels — All Sold Out

Tsunami™ TSU-GN1000 — for Athearn Genesis Style HO Diesels

1 amp / 4 lighting outputs / 1.5v lighting circuits / replaces light board —
all units were $79.98, but now SALE-PRICED at $50.00!

828053EMD 710 G3C-T2
828059GE GEVO12

Tsunami™ TSU-KT1000 — for Kato HO Diesels — All Sold Out

Tsunami™ TSU-BW1000 — for Bowser-Stewart Locomotives — All Sold Out

Tsunami™ TSU-IM1000 — for Intermountain Locomotives — All Sold Out

Econami™ Digital Sound Decoder

Available in five formats to suit a variety of steam, diesel, and electric locomotives, Econami provides high-quality 16-bit sound, Hyperlight lighting effects, and Hyperdrive2 advanced motor control for enhanced realism. New features include Flex-Map technology, an easy-to-use method for assigning any function to any function key.

The Econami line includes SoundTraxx’ smallest sound decoder, the ECO-100, measuring just 27mm x 10.5mm x 5mm; the new ECO-200 2-amp "Universal" style as well as the ECO-400 4-amp version for models requiring a little more “beef.” The 21-pin ECO-21P mates nicely to any model with the NMRA-supported 21-pin socket while the new ECO-PNP is similar to the TSU-AT1000 in size.

All Econami™ models include a selection of the following:

  • Air compressors, airpumps, dynamos, couplers and brakes
  • Function-activated brake with synchronized sound effects
  • 40+ sound effects with a 7 band equalizer
  • Switching Mode – reduces throttle by 50% and inactivates all momentum CV setting – allows the decoder to instantly respond to throttle changes.
  • Support for easy CurrentKeeper installation to prevent momentary power losses during operation

Steam Features

  • 8 Exhaust chuff selections— light, medium, heavy, and geared (for 2-cylinder or articulated with wheel-slip settings)
  • 16 Whistles, 6 Bells, 4 Airpumps, 4 Dynamos, 3 couplers
  • Blower, Blowdown, Water Stop, Rod Clank
  • Function-activated cylinder cocks sound effect at any speed step
  • Drifting Mode: the exhaust volume will be reduced and side rod clank will play at an elevated level.

Diesel Features

  • 5 prime mover selections: EMD 567, EMD 645 Turbo, EMD 710 Turbo, GE FDL-16, ALCO 244
  • 16 Airhorns, 6 Bells, 2 Air Compressors, 4 Dynamos, 3 couplers
  • Auto-manual RPM-notching mode
  • Engine Startup, Shutdown and Exhaust (through 8 notches)
  • Dynamic brake, Radiator Fans, Brake Squeal/Release


1 amp / 6 function – 30.5mm x 15.5mm x 6.5mm.

881006ECO-21PNEM Steam$63.96
882003ECO-21PNEM Diesel63.96


2 amp / 6 function – The ECO-PNP (measuring 73.6mm x 16.7mm x 4.8mm) is designed to be as close to a one-size-fits-all replacement board as possible. It is most similar to the existing TSU-AT1000 in size.

882004Diesel “Plug and Play”63.96

Discontinued ECO 400 Electric

SALE-PRICED at $90.00!

883005Discontinued ECO 400 Electric

Tsunami™ SoundCar Digital Sound Decoder

The 16-bit Tsunami SoundCar Digital Sound Decoder is the only DCC decoder to replicate railcar sounds, such as the clickety-clack, flange squeal, flat spots, generator, brake cylinders, and glad hand release. It also includes a selection of user-adjustable horns, bells and whistles for cab cars and cabooses. For even more realism, the decoder has four Hyperlight lighting outputs for interior and exterior lights.

SoundCar Sound Effects

  • Brake cylinders
  • Brake squeal
  • Clickety-clack: Adjustable for 2-, 4- and 6-axle cars
  • Coupler clank and pin drop
  • Coupler release with glad hand separation
  • Flange squeal
  • Flat spots
  • Emergency brake valve (“big hole”): Activated when the emergency stop button is pressed
  • Generators: User-adjustable for reefers and passenger cars
  • Hand brake tie down and untie
  • Multiple airhorns, air whistle and bells with adjustable ring rates for cab cars and cabooses
    • Airhorns: Wabco E2, Nathan K5LA and Hancock air whistle
    • Bells: Cast, electronic and gong
  • Retainer bleed-off
  • Livestock sounds

More details and video at

ItemDescriptionMap Price
829100SoundCar Single Pack47.96
810141IC Wand7.16

Tsunami™ DCC Mobile Decoders

SoundTraxx DCC Mobile Decoders provide high-performance operation and 14 Hyperlight™ lighting effects in a variety of easy-to-use formats for models that do not exceed a 1 amp stall current. Since they utilize Hyperdrive™ technology, these mobile decoders are easy to speed-match with Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders.

The 2-function MC1 Series DCC Mobile Decoders fit in many small N- and Z-scale models. The dual-mode MC2 Series DCC Mobile Decoders have four lighting outputs and support CVs 5 and 6 to allow for optional three-point speed curves.


ItemDescriptionMap Price
851002MC1Z102SQ w/ harness27.16


The following will operate in both DC and DCC. Each of the four function outputs can be independently set to any of SoundTraxx’s 14 different Hyperlight lighting effects. Hyperlight effects also include a choice of directional or Rule 17 lighting control, grade crossing timers, adjustable flash rate and a unique LED Brightness Correction control mode that allows the user to compensate for the output differences that typically occur between incandescent bulbs and LEDs.

ItemDescriptionMap Price
852001MC1H102P8 – HO Square Direct Plug In19.16
852002MC2H104AT – Atlas / InterMtn / Athearn20.76
852003MC2H104OP – 9-Pin JST to 8-Pin NMRA27.16
852004MC2H104P9 – Harness only21.56
852005MC2H104P21 – 4-Function, 21PNEM19.16

SoundTraxx Adapters

JST-21PMEN Adapter

Here’s a neat idea from SoundTraxx® — the JST-21PMEN Adapter. This board gives you the ability to use the new 21-pin digital sound boards in locomotives not originally set up for them. It allows you to adapt TSU2 or ECONAMI 21-pin boards to 9-pin JST or NMRA 8-pin plug systems.

Plug the sound decoder into the board and then use either a 9-pin harness (STX part #810069) or 8-pin NMRA plug (STX part #810135) to adapt to your loco. Additionally, there are solder pads to attach additional wires for extra lighting functions; connecting a Current Keeper® and your speaker. When newer sound decoders are introduced it will be a snap to convert over. See the diagram below.

The adapter and wiring harnesses are in stock and ready to ship.

JST-21PMEN Adapter

810159JST-21PMEN Adapter12.76

SoundTraxx Accessories


This 40mm x 6mm x 11mm DCC Accessory maintains power to the decoder for up to 10 seconds during electrical interruptions.

810140CurrentKeeper™ (10 sec)23.96

Programming Track Booster

(Not required with ZIMO or LENZ LZV 100 systems.)

829002PTB-100 – Programming Track Booster52.76

SoundTraxx Speakers


Part #L x W or Diameter x DepthCRS Price
8101531″ (28mm) – 2 watt  (replaces 810054)9.56
8101141.2″ 9.56


Part #L x W or Diameter x DepthCRS Price
810078Oval  1.1 x 1.57”11.96
810103Oval  0.78 x 1.56”11.96
810112Oval  0.56 x 1.00”11.96
810113Oval  0.63 x 1.38”11.96
810115Oval  0.78 x 1.38″ 11.96
810090Oval  1.97 x 3.54″  (new)13.56

Mega Bass Speakers

Part #L x W or Diameter x DepthCRS Price
810129Mega Bass Spkr  – 0.91″ sq x 0.40″ d9.56
810130Mega Bass Spkr  – 1.06″ dia x 0.56″ d9.56
810131Mega Bass Spkr  – 1.10″ sq x 0.44″ d9.56

Mini Cube

Part #L x W or Diameter x DepthCRS Price
810154Mini Cube 16 x 12 x 11.5mm w/Baffle11.96
810155Mini Cube 2 13 x 9 x 8.85mm w/Baffle11.96

Enclosures & Gaskets

Part #DescriptionCRS Price
810108Spkr Enclosures .500”4.76
810109Spkr Enclosures .750”4.76
810110Spkr Enclosures 1.00”4.76
810118Gasket – .75″ (#053 spkr)4.76
810119Gasket – 1.0″ (#054 spkr)4.76
810120Gasket – 20x40mm (#103 spkr)4.76
810121Gasket – 14x25mm (#112 spkr)4.76
810138Gasket – 16x35mm (#113 spkr)4.76
810139Gasket – 28x40mm (#078 spkr)4.76

SoundTraxx Installation Parts

ItemDescriptionCRS Price
8100122 pin Microconnector7.16
810038Exhaust Cam Set8.00
810058Package / 10 Micro-Mini Connectors (single)8.80
810068TSU Spkr Harness – stm (3 wire JST spkr+cam)4.40
810069TSU Pwr Harness – stm+dsl (9 wire pwr)8.00
810091TSU Diesel Spkr Harness  (2 wire )4.40
810128TSU “Keep Alive” Capacitor (220mF)0.76
810132DBX-9000 Loco-Tender wiring kit (9 pin)14.36
8101333mm LED – Sunny White / 6 pk11.16
8101343mm LED – Golden White / 6 pk11.16
8101359-Pin JST to NMRA 8-Pin Wiring Harness8.76
810156ECO-100/TSU-1100 8-Pin Power Harness (new)7.96
810157Econami/Tsunami2 4-Pin Speaker Harness (new)7.16
810158CurrentKeeper 2-Pin Harness6.36
810159 JST-21PNEM Adapter12.76
810136Passenger Car Lighting Kit31.96
810137Caboose Lighting Kit31.96

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