Mount Blue Model Co.

HO Rolling Stock


Item #DescriptionCRS Price
61-HSR&RL Early Dyer built 24′ Boxcars – #61-6619.75
67-HSR&RL Boxcars #67 & 68 Rebuilt11.25
70-HSR&RL 70 Series 28′ Boxcars – #67-7611.50
80-HSR&RL 80 Series 28′ Boxcars – #77-8611.95
90-HSR&RL 90 Series 28′ Boxcars – #87-911.25
95-HSR&RL Boxcar #95 Rebuilt11.25
104-HSR&RL #104 Series 28′ Boxcars #104-10812.75
59-HSR&RL #59 Standard Boxcar23.75
59a-HSR&RL Creamcar #21/5923.75
121-HSR&RL 121-125 series 28′ Boxcars in “as delivered” config13.75
Item #DescriptionCRS Price
309-HWW&F Ry 28″ Boxcar #30923.75
302-HWW&F Ry 28″ Boxcar #302 w/ wide door23.75
303-HWW&F Ry 28″ Boxcar #30323.75
32-HWW&F Ry Early 28″ Boxcar #21-25 + 31~3617.95
33-HWW&F Ry Early Low Roof Box #33-43 (odd# wood only)13.75
81-HWW&F Ry Boxcars #80~8212.75
12-HSR&RL Work Caboose20.50
556-HSR&RL Caboose #556-55838.25


Item #DescriptionCRS Price
CCRR-4HColorado Central 24′ Boxcers #1-8 – HOn323.75

HOn30 Freeland Diesel Body

Item #DescriptionCRS Price
18aHHOn30 Freelance Diesel (LifeLike SW Diesel Chassis)21.25

Sn2 Rolling Stock

Item #DescriptionCRS Price
9-SSR&RL S Scale Caboose (incl parts for #556, 557, 558)48.50
104-SSR&RL 28′ Boxcar (#104-108 Series) S Scale30.75
302-SWW&F 28′ Boxcar #302Soon
303-SWW&F 28′ Boxcar #30329.25
Item #DescriptionCRS Price
309-SWW&F 28′ Boxcar #30929.25
401-SSR&RL 33′ Flatcars (x2 – 1 Pulprack + 1 Lowside)49.75
32-SWW&F 28′ Boxcar #21-25 + 31-36Soon
81-SWW&F 28′ Boxcar #80-82Soon

On2, On30, On3 Rolling Stock


Item #DescriptionCRS Price
2RGD Railtruck Freight Body21.25
3Replacement wood racks for Railtruck5.75
15Freelance Railbus body for Railtruck24.75
15aAs Above – Passenger only version24.75


Item #DescriptionCRS Price
5-aOn30 Wood w/ Curved Roof33.75
5-bOn30 Wood w/Peaked Roof33.75
5-cOn30 Bay Window -Curved Roof24.75
5-dOn30 Bay Window -Peaked Roof24.75
5-eOn30 Wood – Round Roof – Side Door30.75
5-fOn30 Wood – Round Roof – No Door – Cupola30.75
5-gOn30 Western Style Longer 5-a w/taller cupola30.75
6On30 SR&RL Type33.75
6-a   Interior for Above13.75
6-b   Narrowing Kit for Above6.50
6-cOn30 Narrow Version of SR&RL Type33.75
6-d   Interior for Above13.75
Item #DescriptionCRS Price
8-a   Interior for Above13.75
8-b   Narrowing Kit for Above6.50
9SR&RL #556 On2 / On30 w/3 panel doors54.50
10SR&RL #557, 558 On2 / On30 w/2 panel doors54.50
12Sandy River RR Work Caboose39.75
27On30 Buggie Bodies (for Kadee Disconnect Logging Tks)28.75
2818′ Side Door Caboose30.50
28-f18′ Drovers Type Caboose32.50
2917′ West Side Lumber Type w/underframe31.50

Freight Cars

Item #DescriptionCRS Price
13Sandy River RR Early Dyer 24″ Boxcar O Scale36.50
16SR&RL Toolcar #562 On2/On3061.75
16aSR&RL Boxcars #55-58 On2/On3052.50
20SR&RL 28′ Flatcar On2/On30 – 2 trussrods38.25
20aSR&RL 28′ Flatcar On2/On30 – 4 trussrods38.25
25Cairo & Kanawaha RR 22′ Boxcar On30/On342.50
28-aSR&RL Style Pulpwood Racks for Bach 18‘Flatcar11.75
28-bBillmeyer & Small type Excursion Body for Bach 18′ Flatcar15.25
28-cStock Car Body for Bachmann 18′ Flatcar20.25
Item #DescriptionCRS Price
28-dSide Dump Hopper Car Body for Bach 18′ Flatcar22.25
28-eTool / Work Car Body for Bach 18′ Flatcar20.50
28-jRefrigerator Car for Bach 18′ Flatcar29.75
51-OSR&RL 28′ Boxcar (#51-54 Series) On2/On3049.25
70-OSR&RL 28′ Boxcar (#67-76 Series) On2/On3049.25
80-OSR&RL R 28′ Boxcar (#77-86 Series) On2/On3049.25
90-OSR&RL 28′ Boxcar (#87-94 + #96-99 Series) On2/On3048.50
104-OSR&RL 28′ Boxcar (#104-108 Series) On2/On3053.75

Passenger Cars (for Bachmann On30 Passenger Car Chassis)

Item #DescriptionCRS Price
11Excursion Car body19.25
14Billmeyer & Small Type Excursion Car (fits the Bachmann On30 Flat Car)19.25
26WP&YR Style Parlor Car Body39.75
26-AFour-Door Baggage Car Body39.75
26-BRailway Post Office Car Body39.75
26-CPrivate Parlor Car Body39.75

Freelance Diesel Bodies

Item #DescriptionCRS Price
18On30 Freelance Center Cab Diesel Body (Bachmann S-4 chassis)24.75
18aOn30 Freelance Offset Cab Diesel Body (Bachmann S-4 chassis)24.75
18bOn30 Freelance Offset Cab Diesel Body/LG (Bachmann S-4)30.75

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