Carolina Craftsman Kits

HO-Scale Kits

CCK1357 Blair’s Valley Store & Garage — includes 2 complete structures, featuring laser cut walls, strip wood, roofing materials, Tichy windows, doors and details. Footprint of garage approximately 3″ x 3″, footprint of store approximately 4½″ x 6″. Assembly required.

CRS price: $64.95

We stock several Carolina Craftsman kits. The line is rotated throughout the year to provide variety. We can get the specific kit you want.

Item #DescriptionPrice
CCK1213Mill Office @ Cape Fear40.95
CCK1214Merchant’s Wholesale69.95
CCK1215Darby’s Mill100.50
CCK1218Miller & Kemp Millwork117.50
CCK1323Concord Street #822 & #82474.95
CCK1325Rowhouse on Concord Street35.95
CCK1327Hopper’s Bar & Grille44.50
CCK1328DMatter’s Mill156.75
CCK1329Miller Brother’s Lbr Supply131.25
CCK1330Cape Fear Sawmill80.25
CCK1332WM Small Standard Station63.25
CCK1334Cutter’s Shop @ Cape Fear46.25
CCK1338Cape Fear Mess Hall66.50
CCK1339Lushbaugh’s Market46.25
CCK1341Carolina Pulp & Paper199.50
CCK1342Cape Fear Engine House122.75
CCK1343Lock House 4446.25
CCK1345Round Top Cement – Limited Edition224.95
Item #DescriptionPrice
CCK1347Raymond & Son44.50
CCK1348Burgers & Gas20.75
CCK1349Cape Fear Boarding House69.95
CCK1351Breakwater’s Plumbing Supply54.75
CCK1352Front Street Cotton Exchange131.25
CCK1353Front Street Dock (7″x12″)40.95
CCK1355Dixie Garage49.50
CCK1357Blair’s Valley Store & Garage64.95
CCK1358Spranza Refrigeration – Limited Edition108.95
CCK1359A.D.Low & Company Shipping57.95
CCK1360Coal Dump, Shanty & Trestle32.50
CCK1362Caswell Shoals Lighthouse139.75
CCK1364Mortensen’s Fish Market52.95
CCK1468B&O Tower @ Confluence52.95
CCK1470Fenwick’s Farm Supply66.50
CCK1472Cape Fear Enginehouse105.75
CCK1473Trundle’s Bakery47.95
CCK1479Maritime Net & Twine46.25

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