Cal Scale HO-Scale Detail Parts

We’re now carrying more Cal Scale HO parts by request. It’s not the entire line but we'll increase as we can. If you want something not shown here let us know — we’ll get it for you and (possibly) rotate that item into our list faster. Where possible, orders will be filled with the least expensive stock first.

Part #DescriptionCRS Price
201Headlight Sunbeam w/Visor3.40
203Headlight SF Type Old3.40
205Headlight Pyle3.40
206Headlight W/B w/Visor3.40
208Headlight Northern Pacific3.40
210Headlight SF Standard Era3.40
211Generator, Turbo3.40
212Generator, Sunbeam3.40
215Generator, Pyle3.40
220Brake Set Tender, Old8.20
227Aux Dome w/fittings exposed5.70
228Aux Dome w/fittings4.90
229Headlight Sunbeam w/Visor3.40
234Generator Pyle Dual Voltage3.40
235Headlight PRR Modern3.40
241Headlight Brackets Standard3.40
246Headlight Bracket High Mount4.90
247Pop Valve – 6pk2.75
250Modern Whistle2.75
274Air, Steam, Signal Hoses6.25
275Steam, Air, Signal Hoses Passenger3.80
276Freight Car Std Air Hoses2.90
277Std Air Hoses Brass – 4pk3.30
283AB Air Brake System3.80
287FM Steam Driven Water Pump7.55
289Brake Wheels Brass – 6pk4.90
290KC Ab Air Brake System4.90
300UC Air Brake System Pass Ca3.20
304Light Switcher Head or Back4.50
316Air Horn 5 Chime3.95
319Air Hose Set Loco Pilot2.75
320Air, Signal Hoses2.75
322Diesel Bell w/Braket3.70
339Whistles Set Of 35.30
343Elesco Pipe Set6.65
345Mail Catcher – 2pk6.20
349Air Pump Smoke Box Front6.65
354Battery Receptacles pr3.95
364Tool Box Tender5.40
381Cab Hatch3.20
382Window Shade pr3.55
385Cab Deck Plate w/Hinge6.10
391Transmitter Loco & Caboose4.35
394MU Stand pr3.55
395Dual Lens Headlight pr3.55
3973 Letter Number Boards3.80
3985 Letter Number Boards4.20
399Diesel Step pr3.05
401RS-3 Antenna Support System15.75
402Antenna Support Set F Unit15.75
403Alco PA Antenna Support15.75
404FM Trainmaster Antenna Support15.75
405Baldwin S-12 Antenna Supprt15.75
406GP-30 Antenna Support System15.75
407RS-1 Antenna Support System15.75
408GP-7 & GP-9 Antenna Support15.75
409Shark Antenna System15.75
410U-25B Antenna Support System15.75
411RS-11 Antenna Support System15.75
412Antenna Support Set E Unit15.75
413Headlight Modern GE44 Tonnr pr3.40
414Headlght w/Visor GE44 Tonnr pr3.40
415Nose Lift Rings F,E Unit2.75
417F-3A Mars Light2.75
420Nathan P-3 Air Horn 3 chime6.65
421Nathan P-5 Air Horn Kit9.15
422Air Horn Nathan Ks1 19’3.40
424Nathan K2 Air Horn Kit6.65
425Nathan K3 Air Horn Kit6.65
426Nathan K4 Air Horn Kit6.65
427Nathan K-5 Air Horn9.15
428Nathan M-3 Air Horn7.85
429Nathan M-5 Air Horn Kit9.15
Part #DescriptionCRS Price
431Diesel Fuel Fills3.40
432Diesel Fuel Filters5.15
436Ext’D Range Dyna Brake Acce2.75
437Diesel Sun Shade W/mtg5.40
438Antenna Support Set FP-715.75
439Dome Spark Arrestors 2pk3.45
443PRR E&F Unit Number Boards3.40
448Steps E,F Unit – 6pk6.40
449Steps FP-45 & F-45 4L & 1S6.00
455Antenna Set PRR N5C Caboose15.75
456Modern Pilot Plow8.00
459FA PRR Antenna Support Set15.75
460FA Water Cooled Turb Exhaust2.75
461FA Dynamic Brake Plastic2.75
466PRR Antenna System RS-1213.35
474Antenna Kit N5 Caboose5.40
476Coupler Lift Bar W/Stantion4.95
477Headlight PRR3.40
487Brake Wheels Plastic – 6pk2.75
499Antenna System PRR C-Liner15.75
500PRR Antenna Erie Built Set15.75
501Antenna Set Prr Baby Tm15.75
517Lift Rings .012 Wire – 20pk3.60
518Single Arm Windshield Wiper2.80
519Dbl Arm Windshield Wiper – 2pk2.80
520Detail Kit F/Ft A Units13.50
521Detail Kit F/FT B Units13.50
524Detail Kit Alco Century15.75
525Diesel Detail Kit Ath GP3815.75
527Detail Kit Athearn Sw150015.75
528Detail Kit Trainman RS 32/3615.75
535Detail Kit Trainman GP38-215.75
538Diesel Sun Shades – 2pk2.65
541Century Intake Rain Shields2.65
542F Unit Lift Rings – 20pk2.65
544Leslie A-200 Std F Unit Hor3.15
548F Unit Sunshade – 6pk3.15
5514 Line Mu Cables – 2pr3.80
553Nathan M-5 Horn – 1pk3.60
554F Unit Winterization Hatch3.20
557F Unit Dbl Winterization Hatch3.20
564Wind Deflector / Mirror – 2pk2.65
565Nathan P5 5 chime Air Horn3.00
568Leslie S-5T-RRO Horn3.00
591Snow Plow Second Generation3.95
592Rerail Frog Bottom Mount3.20
595Rerail Frog Side Mount3.20
596Whistle Straight1.85
606Whistle Left Side Mount1.85
607Whistle Right Side Mount1.85
615Diesel Air Hose Plastic2.40
616Drip Ribs Reading Cab – 2pcs2.40
617MU Hoses Set 16 Plastic3.20
618Locomotive Brake Lever – 2pcs1.60
625Mu Receptacle Set – 6pcs Plastic2.40
626Nathan Air Horn K5La3.60
627Nathan Air Horn K5La w/shld3.60
628Graham White Electric Bell5.20
629Leslie Air Horn 3chime RS3L3.60
633Leslie Air Horn 3chime RS3R3.60
646U25B Exhaust Stack – 2pcs9.60
647Diesel Exhaust Stack Sq – 2pc2.20
648Diesel Exhaust Stack Oval2.20
666Nathan K3 Air Horn K3Lar23.60
682RS Antenna Set7.95
683F Unit Pilot Coupler Lever2.40
685F Unit Roof Radiator5.60
7145 Line MU Cables 2pc5.60
715Cab Window Arm Rest3.60
716Air Horn Leslie S3R1 SP&S3.60
2003F Unit Over Door Connection3.60

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