Berkshire Valley Models

Berkshire Valley O-Scale Details

The following list is what we have from the original manufacturer along with stock from closed shops and parts from a closed building manufacturer that was using Berkshire Valley Detail Parts (these are packed in special yellow identifier packs).

The new owners have decided not to sell to dealers, therefore we cannot supply new items.

Part #DescriptionCRS Price
315Car Puller1.75
40124″ roof vent4.25
402Out Plumbing Pipe4.25
403Victorian Finals3.50
404Victorian Cobbles3.50
410Tele Drop Line Box1.75
4158″ Capped Vent4.25
41614″ Peaked Vent4.25
502Open-Top Soda Mach4.25
503Soda Case/Bottles4.25
50615 Gal Drum4.25
50730 Gal Drum4.25
513200 Gal Tnk/Std6.75
514Milk Cans4.25
51930 G. Garbage Can3.50
526Tire Test Tank3.50
530F M Platform Scale4.25
532Hyd Auto Grease Rack6.00
53320G Garbage Can4.25
53720s Candlestick Phone3.50
538Pot Belly Stove/Pipe7.50
540100 lb Sacks4.25
548Mail Box/Post Mtd4.25
550Intlk Trw Lever/Sig3.50
553Hand Tire Pump1.75
554Lg Soda “Button”3.50
557Pedestal Grinder3.50
558Pot Belly Stove6.75
562Wash Board3.50
56312″ Wooden Bucket3.50
566Property Line Mark3.50
577Tool Set ‘A’2.50
580Tool Set ‘D’2.50
Part #DescriptionCRS Price
58555 Gal Drum4.25
59130g Garb Can/Trash4.25
59220g Garb Can/Trash4.25
59355g Drum/Trash4.25
596Wood Wk Bench/Drums4.25
599Spike Keg4.25
602Electric Sw Mach3.50
603Asst’d Garbage Cans3.50
604Asst’d Drums3.50
608Rad Ext’s (centers)3.50
609Truck Tire on Wheel3.50
618Brooms/2 types3.50
619Rural Mail Box/4pcs3.50
621Wall Clock4.25
6271-55g Drum w/Rack2.50
629Fire Extinguisher3.50
630Hand Truck3.50
634Gas Heater (ceiling)2.50
63730 Gal Garbage Can Cover2.50
640Large Tractor Tire on Rim3.50
645Tractor Front End3.50
646Tractor Seat2.50
647Tractor Finder3.50
650Hand Truck4.25
703Wood Packing Barrel4.25
705Lg Shipping Crates4.75
712Coal Box4.25
720Candy Jars1.75

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