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Prices shown are for unpainted figures. This is the stock we have. Those marked ‘**’ are no longer catalogued and cannot be reordered.

Aspen O-83: Cowboy with boots

Aspen O-70: Man Sawing

O-Scale Unpainted Figures

Part #DescriptionCRS Price
O-01Man Hammering4.85
O-02Oil Man  (Sold Out)4.85
O-03Brake Man4.85
O-06Sheep Laying (2)6.60
O-07Boy Standing4.85
O-08Woman Standing4.85
O-09Sheep Standing (2)6.60
O-10Sheep Walking (2)6.60
O-11Sheep Feeding (2)6.60
O-12Pack Mule7.50
O-14Man Shoveling5.30
O-15Bareback Horse #16.60
O-17Bareback Horse #3 – Head Right6.60
O-19Saddled Horse #16.60
O-20Saddled Horse #2  – Head Right6.60
O-21Collared Horse #16.60
O-22Harnessed Horse #16.60
O-23Fire Equipment12.35
O-24Engine House Stove9.25
O-26Collared Horse #2 – Head Right6.60
O-27Collared Horse #3 – Head Left6.60
O-28Harnessed Horse #2 – Head Right6.60
O-30Blacksmith & Anvil7.50
O-31Harnessed Horse #3 – Head Left6.60
O-32Station Platform Equipment9.25
O-33Oilman #24.85
O-34Saddled Horse #3 w/Winchester6.60
O-35Saddled Horse #4 w/Bedroll6.60
O-39Longhorn #1 Head Up7.50
Part #DescriptionCRS Price
O-40Longhorn #2 Head Down7.50
O-41Longhorn #3 Head Right7.50
O-42Man & Dog #17.50
O-43Cowboy Roping8.40
O-45Cowboy Sleeping5.75
O-46#Steer #1 Head Left7.50
O-47Steer #2 Head Down7.50
O-48Steer #3 Head Right7.50
O-49Cabin Stove4.85
O-54Man & Dog7.50
O-55Round Table4.85
O-57Two Man Saw Team11.00
O-60Cowboy Mounting Horse10.15
O-63Miner & Cradle10.15
O-64 **Miner w/Shovel5.75
O-68Wagon Wheel Set8.80
O-70Man Sawing5.75
O-72 **Man Hammering #25.75
O-76Two Man Work Gang14.10
O-77Lumberjack #26.60
O-80Horse McClellan Saddle 6.60
O-81Cowboy in Duster5.75
O-82Man Shaving5.75
O-83Cowboy w/Boots5.75
O-84Cowboy w/Plate6.20
O-86 **Man Closing Valve5.75
O-87 **Man Pulling Rope6.20

S-Scale Unpainted Figures

Part #DescriptionCRS Price
S-01Man Shoveling4.85
S-03Bareback Horse5.75
S-04Saddled Horse5.75
S-05Pack Mule5.75
S-06Oil Man4.85
S-09Bareback Horse Head Turned5.75
S-10Bareback Horse Feeding5.75
S-11Bareback Horse Walking5.75
S-12Saddled Horse Head Turned5.75
S-13Saddled Horse w/Bed Roll5.75
S-14Saddled Horse Walking5.75
S-15Sheep Laying Down (2)5.75
S-16Cowboy Sleeping4.85
S-17Sheep Standing (2)6.60
S-18Blanket & Saddle3.55
S-19Cow Standing5.75
S-20Calf Walking3.95
S-21Sheep Feeding (2)5.75
S-22Sheep Walking (2)5.75
S-23Cowboy on Horse #17.50
S-24Man Pushing Wheelbarrow4.85
S-25Collared Horse #15.75
S-27Grazing Cow5.75
S-28Cowboy on Horse #27.50
S-31Man Reading Newspaper4.85
S-32Woman Seated4.85
S-33Woman Seated w/Purse4.85
Part #DescriptionCRS Price
S-35Man Seated Hand in Pocket4.85
S-36Boy Seated4.85
S-37Fire Fighting Equipment12.75
S-38Switch Stand8.40
S-39Engine House Stove7.50
S-41Collared Horse #2 – Head Right5.75
S-42Collared Horse #3 – Head Left5.75
S-44Blacksmith & Anvil6.60
S-45Harnessed Horse (Head left)6.60
S-46Harnessed Horse (Head right)6.60
S-48Pack Mule Head Turned6.60
S-50Lumberjack w/Axe6.60
S-52Harnessed Horse (Head Straight)6.60
S-53Steer #1 Head Left7.50
S-55Steer #3 Head Right7.50
S-57 **Telegrapher7.50
S-60 **Farrier & Horse10.15
S-61Store Scale5.75
S-62Cowboy Mounting Horse10.15
S-67Miner & Cradle10.15
S-68 **Miner w/Shovel5.75
S-71 **Cowboy w/Plate5.75
S-74Engineer Seated5.75
S-75Man Shaving5.75
S-762 Man Work Gang12.35
S-77Cowboy w/Cup5.75
S-78Fireman Seated5.75
S-81Lumberjack #25.75
S-85 **2 Man Saw Team11.00

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