Georgetown Loop Railroad, Colorado, September 1, 2017
Ray Kaminski


I actually had to look up the year, but in May, 2012 Matt Sharp of Train & Trooper made a decision to retire from the hobby business. He had some things to catch up on and divided the business between 3 people. I was honored to be asked to take over the Narrow Gauge end of the business along with the Train & Trooper name and the brass models he had manufactured. Many missed his keen, insightful mind and wonderful Maine humor. I always had it in the back of my mind that I was merely a caretaker for T&T and that Matt would rekindle that old interest and again grace us with his unique style...

Hello Old Friend!

To use the phraseology of a Mainer, I’m wicked pleased to announce that Matt is returning with that rekindled flame. So I happily return the Train & Trooper name to his ownership.

He has some great ideas to share with us in the modeling community, but I’ll let him do that. His new email is

In the mean time, I’ll still have the Sn2 Brass Forneys, Railbus and Coaches for sale from “The Train & Trooper Collection”.

Congratulations again to Matt & Nancy
from Ray & Mary

More additions to the Cal-Scale line are coming in the near future.

Micro Engineering is working hard to get the Ladder track turnouts manufactured in the wake of overwhelming demand. We’ll fill our orders as soon as stock arrives.

New Salem, Ohio Hall
Ray Kaminski

Shows: Thanks to all who attended the Midwest Narrow Gauge Show – as always a ton of fun in a newly constructed building. Timonium, MD is next on April 14/15 followed by the Spring Mid Hudson On30 Meet April 20/21. May 19th is the 35th Annual MANGG Module Meet in Kimberton, PA. June 1/2 will have us again at the New England RPM Meet in Enfield, CT. Also, it’s never to early to plan for the National Narrow Gauge Convention in the Minneapolis, MN area Sept 5 thru 8.

Hoping all are well — and for those who keep asking about our new mascot after Gracie’s passing – we just may hear the patter of paws down the hallway…

— Ray & Mary

Next Show –

April 20/21 — Gardiner, NY

Mid Hudson On30 Meet.
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