Specializing in HO, S, O Scales — Standard & Narrow Gauges

Metroliner and a Lehigh Valley RDC at the Pennsylvania RR Museum,
Strasburg, Pennsylvania, August 2014
Ray Kaminski

Time’s really moving fast! Our first show of the season was in Berea, OH and was well attended. The new products from SoundTraxx®, TCS™, Commercial Scale Models, NCE and Carolina Craftsman Kits were well received. There were also surprises for our special show-only sales.

We have already restocked the new SoundTraxx® and TCS™ products. New from NCE are the Switch8 — Mk2 and Switch It — Mk2 turnout controllers for Tortoise™ switch machines. Optional for the Switch 8 is the “Button Board” for local push button control. New from TCS™ are the Trainspeed1 and Trainspeed4 Speedometers. These devices measure the scale speed of locomotives or train cars that past by it. Two small light sensors mounted discretely under the rails record the speed of anything passing over them — the circuitry calculates and displays the corresponding scale speed on a 3 digit display. These will be in stock shortly.

Our upcoming shows are in Gardiner, NY (On30); Timonium, MD; Syracuse, NY and Allentown, PA. We’ll have unannounced sales at all show locations for attendees. Check the show websites listed on our schedules page for further information.

— Ray
Next Show –
November 1/2 — Syracuse, NY

40th Great NY State Train Fair @ the Empire Expo Center
Info at www.modeltrainfair.com

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