Ray Kaminski
WW&F, September 2019

Christmas in September

  1. The Micro Engineering Code 83 HO Ladder Track turnouts (a partial shipment) are here and customer shipments have begun. Orders are being filled in the order they were received. I am assured the rest of the shipment will be here soon and I’ve already placed further orders to make sure all customers orders will be satisfied.
  2. The new Blackstone Reefers are here and we have started shipping them.

News from Blackstone I’m always asked about the status of the K-28 and K-36 locos. It seems a generation ago that these were announced along with tentative dates that have come and gone. Everyone seems to have an opinion (that is always correct). The following is taken from the official Blackstone Facebook page posting dated 9/16/19:

Blackstone Models Update!
As many of you know, our originally projected completion of the K-36 and K-28 Hon3 Blackstone Models engines have been wrought with various issues. Primarily difficulties with drawings, resources and issues with regard to tooling, have left the project with very little movement to date. Things to note:
  1. The project is not dead.
  2. The very delayed quotation from our factory was received in June and is over twice what was projected. It is clear the factory does not wish to take on these projects and their pricing reflects this. It would result in a plastic and die-cast model that had an MSRP of approximately $1250 to $1400. This is unacceptable to us and it should not be acceptable to you.
  3. The delays have nothing to do with the closing of a major Chinese factory, tariffs, or the conditions in Hong Kong.
  4. We now have our documents out for quotation at four other factories, one of which we have direct experience with and the others recommended by other manufactures. Given that a trip may be required to move/examine our tooling, this process may take a while and we’ll provide any updates we can as decisions are made.
Nobody is more disappointed than our staff at SoundTraxx. We’ve invested many hours in both these projects and can reap no benefits until they are here in the country and for sale! We thank you for your understanding and continued support.

We appreciate your patience.

The product-line downsizing mentioned earlier this year will begin shortly — you have spoken and we are adjusting accordingly.


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The Fall Shows begin. We’ll be waiting to help you or give a call / send an email.

— Ray & Mary

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