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O and HO-Scale Details

Adlake Marker Lamps

ItemDescriptionCRS Price
H 807HO Marker lamps (R-G-G)14.25
H 807LHO Marker lamps w/LED’s (R-G-G)17.50
O 807O marker lamps (R-G-G)18.25
O 807LO marker lamps w/LED’s (R-G-G)21.25

Note: Y-Y-R Lenses are special order

Wiring Accessories,
Lenses & Jewels

ItemDescriptionCRS Price
801Constant Intensity Light Source Kit3.60
804Passenger / Caboose Pick Up Shoes4.45
805Loco Pick Up Shoes4.45
825Contact Wiper Kit6.60
CM-63Unlit marker lights / HO4.85
CJ-56Clear Jewels / 12 / for CM-632.00
RJ-57Red Jewels / 12 / for CM-632.00
GJ-58Green Jewels / 12 / for CM-632.00
YJ-59Yellow Jewels / 12 / for CM-632.00

Hayes Wheel Stops &
Bumping Posts

ItemDescriptionCRS Price
H868HO Crossbucks11.90
H869HO Crossbucks w/number of tracks12.90
H803Hayes Wheel Stops – HO2.10
S803Hayes Wheel Stops – S2.65
O803Hayes Wheel Stops – O2.65
808 H100Hayes Bumping Post – HO Cd 1004.60
808 H83Hayes Bumping Post – HO Cd 834.60
808 S100Hayes Bumping Post – S Cd 1007.05

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