Since shows are nonexistent right now here's your substitute. When ordering mention the Sales Page. Some items have limited stock on hand.

Durango Press (HO)

DP-67Standard Gauge Water Tank41.25

Raggs... to Riches?
(S Scale – brand new / never opened)

MB1-2SMine Buildings – Set #1 or #2125.00
RND-SRandolph Depot125.00

Dallee Electronics

1500HiLine™ Steam Sound System121.25
400Electronic ‘E’ Unit  – 4 AMP40.25
1400Electronic ‘E’ Unit  – 10 AMP37.95
545STROBE  Light15.50

RL-LED Lighting Strips (adjustable brightness & length)

2381RL-LED 10″ – Amber29.25
2389RL-LED 18″ – Warm White45.50
2390RL-LED 18″ – Cool White45.50
2391RL-LED 18″ – Amber45.50
559Super Cap (pk / 2)14.95
378VRS – adjust, regulated power mod (1.25 – 6.25 v)33.75

RS Laser Kits

2013Eatery at Forks30.95

Blue Point™ / Flex Link Turnout Control

40018Single Unit11.50
40018-55 – Pack54.75
40018-1010 – Pack102.75
40022Flex Link Starter Kit9.50
40023-5Flex Link Hardware Kit31.75
40024-5Flex Link Tubing9.25

Tortoise® Switch Machine (slo-mo)

6000Single pack17.25
60066 Pack98.75
601212 pack191.50

Central Valley Bridges

1900200′ Heavy Duty Double Track Parker Truss Br95.50
1901200′ Heavy Duty Single Track Parker Truss Bridge54.50
1902150′ Pratt Truss Bridge Kit35.25
190372′ Plate Girder Bridge (sngl)12.95
1903172′ Plate Girder only  (n 4/16)7.95
190472′ Plate Girder Bridge (Dbl)19.50
1905150′ Midwest Girder Bridge35.25
1906150′ Eastern Girder Bridge35.25

B.E.S.T. ( HO Scale )

1007-ARockingham Junction – Passenger Station87.50
1007-BRockingham Junction – Freight House39.50
1012Crossing Shanties (set of 2)21.75
1028Bradley Wharf – Motif 1 – Limited Edition262.50
1029-ALogging – Mining Camp (5 structures)109.50
1029-BCamp Cabins (set of 4)70.25
1048Bank of Tomichi and Supply Store61.25
1070Marbles Station109.50
1074Car Repair Shop56.95
1095Clough Service Station35.25
1096Fish Market and Boat Launch87.50

BEST Shingles - Specify "H" for HO shingles and "O" for O shingles

 (limited to stock on hand)HOO
301636″ Rolled Tar Paper – Dark Gray4.959.85
3018Asbestos – Dark Grayn/a9.85
3022Standard 12″ 3-Tab – Neutral4.959.85
3023Variable Width Shakes – Neutral4.959.85
3024Staggered Course Shakes – Neutral4.959.85
3028Asbestos – Neutral4.95n/a
303516″ Slate – Steel Grayn/a9.85
303636″ Rolled Tar Paper – Steel Gray4.959.85
3038Asbestos – Steel Grayn/a9.85
3062Standard 12″ 3-Tab – Brown4.95n/a
3063Variable Width Shakes – Brown4.959.85
3064Staggered Course Shakes – Brown4.95n/a
3068Asbestos – Brownn/a9.85
3082Standard 12″ 3-Tab – Black*4.959.85
3083Variable Width Shakes – Black*4.959.85
3084Staggered Course Shakes – Black*4.959.85
308516″ Slate – Black*4.959.85
308636″ Rolled Tar Paper – Black*n/a9.85
3088Asbestos – Black*  

HO Shingles are 5.75″ x 6″ and cover approximately 18 square inches

O Shingles are 8″ x 10.5″ and cover approximately 42 square inches

*The black shingles tend to have a fine powder left on them after being cut by the laser. It doesn't affect the quality of the product at all and we try to remove it before we package them but they can get little messy.

BEST "O" Flashing - Real Metal

3201-OCopper Flashing – 10 pieces, 8″ longn/a9.85
3202-OAluminum/Tin/Lead Flashing – 10 pcs, 8″ longn/a9.85


Prices shown are for unpainted figures. These are what we have remaining.

O-Scale Unpainted Figures

Part #DescriptionPrice
O-01Man Hammering4.10
O-03Brake Man4.10
O-06Sheep Laying (2)5.60
O-07Boy Standing4.10
O-09Sheep Standing (2)5.60
O-10Sheep Walking (2)5.60
O-11Sheep Feeding (2)5.60
O-12Pack Mule6.35
O-14Man Shoveling4.50
O-17Bareback Horse #3 – Head Right5.60
O-21Collared Horse #15.60
O-23Fire Equipment10.45
O-24Engine House Stove7.85
O-28Harnessed Horse #2 – Head Right5.60
O-30Blacksmith & Anvil6.35
O-31Harnessed Horse #3 – Head Left5.60
O-32Station Platform Equipment7.85
O-34Saddled Horse #3 w/Winchester5.60
O-35Saddled Horse #4 w/Bedroll5.60
Part #DescriptionPrice
O-39Longhorn #1 Head Up6.35
O-40Longhorn #2 Head Down6.35
O-41Longhorn #3 Head Right6.35
O-42Man & Dog #16.35
O-43Cowboy Roping7.10
O-46#Steer #1 Head Left6.35
O-47Steer #2 Head Down6.35
O-48Steer #3 Head Right6.35
O-49Cabin Stove4.10
O-55Round Table4.10
O-57Two Man Saw Team9.35
O-63Miner & Cradle8.60
O-64Miner w/Shovel4.85
O-72Man Hammering #24.85
O-76Two Man Work Gang11.90
O-81Cowboy in Duster4.85
O-82Man Shaving4.85
O-83Cowboy w/Boots4.85
O-84Cowboy w/Plate5.20
O-86Man Closing Valve4.85
O-87Man Pulling Rope5.20

S-Scale Unpainted Figures

Part #DescriptionPrice
S-01Man Shoveling4.10
S-03Bareback Horse4.85
S-04Saddled Horse4.85
S-05Pack Mule4.85
S-09Bareback Horse Head Turned4.85
S-10Bareback Horse Feeding4.85
S-11Bareback Horse Walking4.85
S-12Saddled Horse Head Turned4.85
S-13Saddled Horse w/Bed Roll4.85
S-14Saddled Horse Walking4.85
S-15Sheep Laying Down (2)4.85
S-16Cowboy Sleeping4.10
S-17Sheep Standing (2)5.60
S-18Blanket & Saddle2.95
S-19Cow Standing4.85
S-20Calf Walking3.35
S-21Sheep Feeding (2)4.85
S-22Sheep Walking (2)4.85
S-23Cowboy on Horse #16.35
S-24Man Pushing Wheelbarrow4.10
S-25Collared Horse #14.85
S-27Grazing Cow4.85
S-28Cowboy on Horse #26.35
S-31Man Reading Newspaper4.10
S-32Woman Seated4.10
S-33Woman Seated w/Purse4.10
S-35Man Seated Hand in Pocket4.10
S-36Boy Seated4.10
Part #DescriptionPrice
S-37Fire Fighting Equipment10.85
S-38Switch Stand7.10
S-39Engine House Stove6.35
S-41Collared Horse #2 – Head Right4.85
S-42Collared Horse #3 – Head Left4.85
S-44Blacksmith & Anvil5.60
S-45Harnessed Horse (Head left)5.60
S-46Harnessed Horse (Head right)5.60
S-48Pack Mule Head Turned5.60
S-49Buffalo #15.60
S-50Lumberjack w/Axe5.60
S-53Steer #1 Head Left6.35
S-54Steer #2 Head Down6.35
S-55Steer #3 Head Right6.35
S-60Farrier & Horse8.60
S-61Store Scale4.85
S-67Miner & Cradle8.60
S-68Miner w/Shovel4.85
S-71Cowboy w/Plate4.85
S-74Engineer Seated4.85
S-75Man Shaving4.85
S-762 Man Work Gang10.45
S-77Cowboy w/Cup4.85
S-78Fireman Seated4.85
S-81Lumberjack #24.85
S-852 Man Saw Team9.35

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