Rapido Trains Inc.


RailCrew Uncouplers, Switch Machines, and Switch Stands

We now carry Rapido Trains popular line of rotary switch machines, switch stands, and remote uncouplers. Visit the Rapido Trains Website for details and helpful videos on the use and installation of these products.

Rail Crew R/C Uncoupler

Item #DescriptionCRS Price
320001Single Pack15.75
3200026 pack87.50
32000312 pack 167.25

Rail Crew Switch Machine w/operating switch stand

Item #DescriptionCRS Price
320101Single Pack17.50
3201026 pack95.50
32010312 pack183.25

Rail Crew Switch Stand - One each of all three styles with targets

Item #DescriptionCRS Price
320104Single Pack4.75
32010512 pack51.50

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