Keystone Locomotive Works

Detail Parts

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Item #DescriptionCRS Price
1Logging Tools4.85
2Engine House Junk4.85
5Log Buggie Shoo-Fly / 21.65
12Drivers & Axles Scenery Detail7.25
14Logging Junk4.85
15Diesel Junk7.25
18Switch Stands / 24.85
20Small Vertical Boiler3.25
23Old Time Headlight1.65
24Small Diamond Stack1.65
25Shotgun Stack1.65
26Shay Steam Dome1.65
30Grasse River Trucks / pr4.85
31Donkey Engine14.75
32Mill Engine & Boiler13.25
33Blacksmith Forge & Hearth Set4.25
Item #DescriptionCRS Price
35Shotgun Carriage w/ Ways & Tracks13.25
37Live Rolls13.25
38Cut-Off Saw13.25
39Transfer Table14.75
42Outhouse (2)3.25
101Horizontal Portable Boiler16.25
102Jill Poke Log Unloader8.25
103HOn3 Log Car / 214.75
104Barnhart Log Loader48.75
105Shay Kit (non powered)48.75
106Grasse River Caboose20.25
107Climax Log Car / 214.75
111Danby Sawmill (Circular Mill)36.50
124Kindling Building56.75


Item #DescriptionCRS Price
K-1000O-Scale Log Car Kit25.75
K-1001On3 Lumber Car (New Mex. Lmbr. Co.) / 224.25
K-1002Danby Sawmill (Circular Mill)64.50
Item #DescriptionCRS Price
K-1106Horizontal Mill Engine17.25
K-1107Vertical Boiler17.25
K-1108Grasse River Logging Trucks / pr7.25

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