Keystone Locomotive Works

Detail Parts

Note: Keystone products are subject to sporadic availability. Items on this list are what we have in stock as of February 22, 2022.


ItemDescriptionCRS Price
1Logging Tools4.85
2Engine House Junk4.85
5Log Buggie Shoo-Fly / 21.65
12Drivers & Axles Scenery Detail7.25
14Logging Junk4.85
15Diesel Junk7.25
20Small Vertical Boiler3.25
23Old Time Headlight1.65
ItemDescriptionCRS Price
31Donkey Engine14.75
32Mill Engine & Boiler13.25
33Blacksmith Forge & Hearth Set4.25
35Shotgun Carriage w/ Ways & Tracks13.25
38Cut-Off Saw13.25
39Transfer Table14.75

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