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Durango Press HO and HOn3 Rolling Stock

These are some of the items normally stocked and rotated throughout the year. All items are available.

Item #DescriptionCRS Price
12HO Handcar9.75
14Handcar wheels for handcars (pk 4)2.50
22HOn3 Handcar10.50
30HOn3 Rotary Snow Plow89.75
31HO Rotary Snow Plow89.75
37Fairmount Speeder – HO8.25
38Fairmount Speeder – HOn38.25
42RGS Plow Flanger52.75
50HOn3 Westside Flat Cat16.25
Item #DescriptionCRS Price
51HOn3 RGS Drag Flanger #0131.75
53Same as #50 – Weathered Deck16.25
55HOn3 Westside Logging Caboose18.75
58HOn3 New Mex Lumber Car11.50
88MOW Tie Cart & Tools10.50
89MOW “Crew Cars”8.75
90MOW Track “Crew” Work Train34.50
100Track Equipment Set55.25
112HOn3 D&RGW High Side Gondola16.25
114HOn3 D&RGW Pipe Gondola16.25
116HOn3 D&RGW Idler Flat14.75
126RGS decals for #51 Flanger1.25

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