Deerfield River Laser

O Scale Laser-Cut Wood Structure Kits

Narrow Gauge Railroad Structures

Item #DescriptionCRS Price
DRL O-201Porter Enginehouse73.50
DRL O-202B&B/B&SR Forney Enginehouse69.50
DRL O-203SLO 3 Stall Roundhouse130.75
DRL O-204Bush Critter Shed61.95
DRL O-206Large 1 Stall Enginehouse98.75
DRL O-207Jason’s Freight House w/Office69.95
DRL O-208Newport Station – Old Colony Line27.95
DRL O-209Climax Enginehouse78.95
DRL O-2102 Stall Enginehouse w/Machineshop119.25
DRL O-211B&SR North Bridgton Station98.75
DRL O-220Powerhouse/Machine Shop – N. Bridgton Station36.25

Town Structures

Item #DescriptionCRS Price
DRL O-401Uncle Bill’s Cabin39.50
DRL O-402Sam’s Feed & Grain73.95
DRL O-403Mystic Bank – cut stone42.75
DRL O-404Mystic Lobster Shack20.50
DRL O-405Miner’s Shack21.25
DRL O-406Town Hall with Clock Tower65.95
DRL O-407Iron Horse Brewery90.25
DRL O-409WW&F Potato Warehouse45.95
DRL O-410Maple Sugar Shack26.25
DRL O-411EBT Stone Farmhouse50.95
DRL O-412EBT Stone Farmhouse Annex17.95
DRL O-413New England Clam Shack22.25
DRL O-414Lancaster Dairy Barn73.95
DRL O-415Dairy Barn Silo27.95
DRL O-416New England Clapboard Church85.76
DRL O-417Farm Tractor Shed39.50
DRL O-327Eureka, Co, small Store Front Flat16.50
DRL O-328Silvana, WA, med. Store Front Flat24.50

For shingles, we feature products from BEST Trains.
See their selection on the BEST Webpage

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