Deerfield River Laser

O Scale Narrow Gauge Cars

Unpainted Laser cut wood kits. This is a sampling of the available kits. All can be ordered. You can see the entire selection on the Deerfield website.

Item # CRS Price
DRL O-10528′ Short Combine34.50
DRL O-107Drovers Caboose37.75
DRL O-10828′ Short Passenger Car34.50
DRL O-109Barnhart Log Loader Shell36.25
DRL O-110East Broad Top Caboose70.50
Item # CRS Price
DRL O-111NPC Baggage Express car – RDA45.95
DRL O-112Union Pacific arch window Caboose45.95
DRL O-11316′ Boxcar26.25
DRL O-11420′ On30 Boxcar31.25
DRL O-115EBT Wooden Coal Hopper31.25

On2 / On30 / On3 Retrofit Car Side Kits

36′ Quik-Kit Series — direct replacement for the plastic body on Bachmann On30 coaches. The kits include unpainted wooden side and end walls along with an appropriate decal set.

Maine 2-Foot Railroads

Item # CRS Price
DRL-O-M01Combine/Short vers of SR&RL #1136.25
DRL-O-M02Coach – Short version of SR&RL #1736.25
DRL-O-M03SR #3 – Ornate Coach B&B SYLVAN36.25
DRL-O-M04SR #4 – Ornate Combine B&B FAWN36.25
DRL-O-M05WW&F #5 – Coach VASSALBORO36.25
DRL-O-M06WW&F #6 – Smoking Car TACONNET36.25
DRL-O-M07SR&RL #7 – RPO/Baggage/Express36.25
DRL-O-M09aShort version of RANGELEY SR&RL #936.25

East Broad Top Railroad

Item # CRS Price
DRL-O-EBT01Early Coach – EBT #1 and #636.25
DRL-O-EBT02Coach – EBT #2~5 + Miner’s Coach #21~2436.25
DRL-O-EBT08Coach – Short version of EBT #8 thru #1136.25
DRL-O-EBT14Combine – Short version of EBT #1436.25
DRL-O-EBT15Combine – Short version of EBT #1536.25
DRL-O-EBT18Combine – EBT #16 thru #1836.25
DRL-O-EBT20ORBISONIA Business Car – EBT #2036.25

TWEETSIE Railroad Series – O Scale ET&WNC and Linville River Ry.

Item # CRS Price
DRL-O-T10-SET&WNC Parlor Car – Short vers #10 AZALEA36.25
DRL-O-T15-SET&WNC RPO-Smoking Combine – Short of #1536.25
DRL-O-T16-SET&WNC Coach – Short version based on #1636.25

For shingles, we feature products from BEST Trains.
See their selection on the BEST Webpage

Also, check out Deerfield River Laser Narrow Gauge Structure Kits.

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