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#1902: 150′ Pratt Truss Bridge Kit — The model as built from the plans spans 21″. It is approximately 4⅜″ high and 2⅞″ wide. From rail-head to bottom of shoe is approximately 15/16″. The parts are injection molded of an impact grade of styrene plastic that is the same as used in the popular automobile and military hobby kits.

CRS price: $35.25

HO Accessories

Part #DescriptionPrice
1601Fences & Railings5.50
1602Steps & Ladders5.50
1603Switch & Track Detail Kit5.50
1604Switch Stand Kit (non-working)4.95
1605Large Shop Door Package4.95

HO Bridges

Part #DescriptionPrice
1900200′ Heavy Duty Double Track Truss Bridge95.50
1902150′ Pratt Truss Bridge Kit35.25
190372′ Plate Girder Bridge (sngl)11.75
190472′ Plate Girder Bridge (Dbl)19.50
1905150′ Midwest Girder Bridge35.25
1906150′ Eastern Girder Bridge35.25

HO Girders

Part #DescriptionPrice
1900-5Heavy Duty Laced Bridge Girders11.50
1901-5Heavy Duty Windowed Bridge Girders10.25
1902-5Heavy Duty Box Bridge Girders11.50
1905-5Heavy Duty Punchplate Bridge Girders11.50
1906-5Heavy Duty Gusseted Bridge Girders10.25

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