Building & Structure Company (Former Banta Modelworks S Scale Kits)

S-Scale Kits

Building & Structure Company is the new manufacturer of Banta’s former line of S-Scale kits..

CSM-4085 (Cimarron Mine). Laser-cut wood kit features several templates and fixtures to speed assembly. Board and batten siding is laser-cut and has an adhesive backing. The head frame house includes the head assembly for a semi-finished interior and also includes the head frame wheel. Several ladders are included so the crew has a way to get around the mine and tipple. Altogether a really great kit! The head frame house foot print is in scale feet: 19′ x 41′, the tipple is 16′ x 32′.

CRS price: $134.25.

Item #DescriptionCRS Prc.
CSM-107Oilton Club Saloon – Ophir, CO98.50
CSM-109Ophir General Mdse125.50
CSM-117Ophir Depot134.25
CSM-120Ridgway Depot290.75
CSM-121Ridgway Depot Outhouse & Coal Shed28.75
CSM-123Delores Depot134.25
CSM-127Rico Depot201.50
CSM-129Telluride Depot228.25
CSM-143Rico Toilet & Sheds53.75
CSM-4019Dallas Hotel80.75
CSM-4026Dallas Divide Bunk House32.25
CSM-4027Dallas Divide Section Car Shed26.75
Item #DescriptionCRS Prc.
CSM-4032Coeur d’Alene Mine98.50
CSM-4051The Garage15.75
CSM-4062Sargents Roundhouse188.75
CSM-4085Cimarron Mine134.25
CSM-4089Silverton Depot134.25
CSM-4090Chillery’s Cafe71.75
CSM-4104Gato Depot111.75
CSM-410930’s – 40’s Gas Station37.75
CSM-4127Crick Hollow Hardware102.75
CSM-4131B&O Hotel53.75
CSM-4134Everesy Country Store125.50

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