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HOn3 Rolling Stock

MAP is Manufacturer’s Advertised Price. Call for our price.

Note: Many of these cars are sold out at the factory. We only have a very few left.


Boxcars are completely sold out.

Stock Cars


Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B340227Flying Grande 40’s Era Herald557854.36
B340227WFlying Grande 40’s Era Herald – Weathered557860.76
B340228Flying Grande 40’s Era Herald566954.36
B340228WFlying Grande 40’s Era Herald – Weathered566960.76
B340229Flying Grande 40’s Era Herald572354.36
B340230WFlying Grande 40’s Era Herald – Weathered582560.76


Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B340225UPainted / Unletteredn/a43.96


Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B340312D&RGW Lettering600139.96
B340313D&RGW Lettering604039.96
B340314D&RGW Lettering605639.96
B340312D&RGW Lettering600139.96
B340313D&RGW Lettering604039.96
Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B340314D&RGW Lettering605639.96
B340315D&RGW Lettering607739.96
B340316RGS Lettering61639.96
B340305Painted / Unletteredn/a39.96

Supply Car

Supply Cars are completely sold out.

High-Side Gondolas

High-Side gondolas are completely sold out.

Drop-Bottom Gondolas

Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B340562Moffat Tunnel Herald80547.96
B340563Flying Grande Herald82147.96
B340564Flying Grande Herald83047.96
Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B340565Flying Grande Herald85847.96
B340566Royal Gorge Herald87847.96
B340567Flying Grande Herald89047.96

Tank Cars

UTLX – Yellow Lettering

Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B340609Narrow Frame UTLX1311954.36

CYCX – White Lettering

Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B340610WNarrow Frame CYCX – Weathered6360.76
B340611Narrow Frame CYCX6454.36
B340611WNarrow Frame CYCX – Weathered6460.76

UTLX – Yellow Lettering – GRAMPS Logo

GRAMPS logo cars are completely sold out.

3-Bay EBT Hoppers

Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B340700Painted / Unletteredn/a43.96
B34070130’s Lettering81443.96
B340701W30’s Lettering – Weathered81447.96
B34070230’s Lettering100043.96
B340702W30’s Lettering – Weathered100047.96
B34070340’s Lettering w/EBT Herald95143.96
B340703W40’s Lettering w/EBT Herald – Weathered95147.96
Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B34070440’s Lettering w/EBT Herald90643.96
B340704W40’s Lettering w/EBT Herald – Weathered90647.96
B34070540’s Lettering w/EBT Herald97743.96
B340705W40’s Lettering w/EBT Herald – Weathered97747.96
B34070640’s Lettering w/EBT Herald107143.96
B340706W40’s Lettering w/EBT Herald – Weathered107147.96

D&RGW Hoppers

D&RGW Hoppers are completely sold out.

D&RGW 30′ Reefers

Reefers are completely sold out.


Cabooses are completely sold out.

Passenger Coaches

Coaches are completely sold out.

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