Blackstone Models, a division of Soundtraxx™

HOn3 Locomotives

MAP is Manufacturer’s Advertised Price. Call for our price.

All Blackstone locomotives listed below are equipped with Tsunami™ Sound.

K-27’s – all locos sound equipped

All K 27’s are completely sold out.

C-19’s – all locos sound equipped

Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B310209Flying Grande Herald342399.96
B310210Royal Gorge Herald, Post Wreck346399.96
B310210WRoyal Gorge Herald, Post Wreck – Weathered346443.96
B310211Class 70 D&RG70399.96
Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B310211WClass 70 D&RG – Weathered70443.96
B310212RGS #40 Rising Sun Herald40399.96
B310213WLarge #41 on Tender – Weathered41443.96
B310214Ptd / Unlet Russian Boiler / Diamond Stackn/a399.96

K_36’s (Expected 2017) – all locos sound equipped

Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B310300Moffat Tunnel Herald481439.99 (est)
B310301Flying Grande Herald483439.99 (est)
B310302Royal Gorge Herald485439.99 (est)
B310303Flying Grande Herald486439.99 (est)
B310304Flying Grande Herald489439.99 (est)

K-28’s (Expected 2017) – all locos sound equipped

Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B310400Royal Gorge Herald470439.99 (est)
B310401Flying Grande Herald473439.99 (est)
B310402Moffat Tunnel Herald475439.99 (est)
B310403Flying Grande Herald476439.99 (est)
B310404Flying Grande Herald478439.99 (est)

Trucks and Accessories

Item #DescriptionMAP
B370101K-27 Snowplow19.96
B370103Freight Car Trucks / Black12.76
B370104Freight Car Trucks / Boxcar Red12.76
B370105Freight Car Trucks / MOW Gray12.76
B370106Caboose Trucks / Red14.36
B370107Passenger Trucks / Pullman Green15.96
B370108Passenger Trucks / Black15.96
Item #DescriptionMAP
B370109Tank Car Trucks / Archbar12.76
B370110Tank Car Trucks / Bettendorf12.76
B370111K-27 Road Pilot19.75
B370112K-27 Switcher Pilot19.75
B370113Hopper Trucks (EBT) / Vulcan10.36
B370114Arch Bar (4′8″ wb) Reefer Trucks10.36
B810136Passenger Coach Lighting Kit31.96
B810137Long Caboose Lighting Kit31.96

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