Banta Modelworks

HO-Scale Building Kits

Stock is rotated through the year, but we’ll order in whatever you desire.

ItemBuildingCRS Price
BMW-102Ridgway Boxcar Storage Shed21.25
BMW-105RGS House At The End Of The Trestle40.95
BMW-107Oilton Club Saloon78.75
BMW-108Mrs. Skillens Store75.95
BMW-109Ophir General Merchandise98.25
BMW-110Ridgway Sandhouse46.50
BMW-114Herbert’s Crossing Freight House37.50
BMW-117Ophir Depot120.75
BMW-118Ophir Tram House98.25
BMW-122Ridgway Yard Structures85.75
BMW-124Vance Junction Section House85.75
BMW-135Vance Junction Outbuildings85.75
BMW-138Stock Pens75.95
BSC-2021Outhouse Collection (6 in 1)28.50
BSC-2024Elevated Crossing Shanty28.50
BSC-2030Right-Of-Way Signs (62 ea)12.50
BSC-2031Crossbucks (11 ea)10.75
BSC-2062Sargents Roundhouse151.95
BSC-2065Crossing Shanty28.50
BSC-2070Red Mountain Freight69.75
BSC-2077Dynamite Storage Building – Stone12.50
BSC-2078Miner’s Cabin31.95
BSC-2081Silver Plume Bakery69.75
ItemBuildingCRS Price
BSC-2085Cimarron 1 Mine117.95
BSC-2089Silverton Depot111.75
BSC-2090Chillery’s Cafe60.75
BSC-2097Port Costa Roundhouse151.95
BSC-2098Chama Depot147.50
BSC-2099Phillips Depot102.75
BSC-2108Donkey Corners Depot48.25
BSC-21091930’s-40’s gas Station28.50
BSC-2111Roubies Saloon66.25
BSC-2121Clarkes Outpost32.25
BSC-2123Little Creek Mining Co67.95
BSC-2124Hillside Water Tank23.25
BSC-2125Blacksmith Shop33.95
BSC-2126Blacksmith Shop Annex28.50
BSC-2127Crick Hollow Hardware69.75
BSC-2129Silverton Truck Dump40.25
BSC-2131B&O Hotel49.95
BSC-2134Everest Country Store49.95
BSC-2137Monero Depot87.50
BSC-2142Silver Bull Saloon82.25
BSC-2144Lineside Shed23.25

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